The Way of the Cross

Noyes Capehart’s The Way of the Cross is a suite of fourteen original woodcuts depicting the Way of Sorrows, the final journey of Jesus down the Via Dolorosa. This original body of work was completed between October 15, 2001, and February 3, 2002, for The Church of the Holy Cross in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Each of these fourteen woodcuts measures 14″(W) x 17″(H). Impressions are hand-printed by the artist on Japanese rice paper, each signed, titled, and numbered. Twenty-five impressions were taken from each block.

In 2003  the fourteen woodcuts along with fourteen monologues by writer Katerina Whitley were published  by Morehouse Publishing (now Church Publishing) under the title, Walking the Way of Sorrows.  This Lenten meditation book is available on Amazon.