Noyes Capehart has several books available for purchase through the Art Cellar Gallery and Amazon.com.

Artwork stolen by the Nazis, a multi-million dollar forgery ring, a missing Medici diary and the kidnapping of a beautiful Jewish graduate student surface when art professor Porter Blue takes a sabbatical to Florence, Italy. In 1962, a remarkable discovery is made in the bowels of the Church of Santo Spirito: a box containing four diaries from the hand of Contessina de’ Medici, the youngest daughter of Lorenzo de’ Medici, one of the most powerful men in Renaissance Italy. Numbered 1, 2, 3 and 5, the story of the missing fourth diary inspires Blue to craft an historical novel around a speculated romance between Contessina and the young Michelangelo. Blue convinces Largo Kopacz, a graduate student and new-found love interest, to join him for the week of spring break…. more


A cunning game of deceit leads to a final art forgery, the theft of prized artworks from a Copenhagen collector, an assassination in the Basilica of Santa Croce and a young woman’s refusal to live her life in fear. “Chameleon continues the scandalous tale of art and deception…a fast-paced thriller that gives the reader a first class seat from which to view the author’s well drawn characters…Attention to detail brings to life the people, cities and landscapes … a masterful mystery that uncovers the ends to which individuals will go to own beauty.” More